PVC Port

PVC curtain indoors

The PVC curtain is used in indoor environments to prevent the spread of harmful flue gases, protect against steam and dust, and harmful UV radiation and welding fumes. The PVC curtain indoor also attenuates noise.
PVC door and curtain protect against the cold draft, rain, smoke, welding flash, noise, steam, and dust.

PVC door for quick passage

The PVC door protects against cold draft at door openings and prevents the spread of steam and dust, which provides a better working environment.
With transparent PVC strips, it is easy to pass through.
It also helps keep heat costs down in the winter.

An environmental study

Stops up to 90% of the heat loss at door openings. It is lighter and maintain a consistent and comfortable temperature inside the room and great heat loss is prevented.
This is a profitable investment for both the environment and the working environment.


We also supply simple and stable pendant door in transparent PVC, or as a combination solution with black PVC.